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ESP32 Studying features.
« on: March 26, 2018, 08:02:41 PM »
We recommend you to start from the next link to understart the general concepts that we would be deepened further on this post. (

From now on we would start to cover in deep every feature from the ESP32 technical manual to start practicing with the hardware on the field.

The topics would be in same order than the previous study from the link above.

1.- System and Memory not ready
2.- Interrupt Matrix not ready
3.- Reset and Clock not ready
4.- IO_MUX and GPIO Matrix not ready
5.- DPort Register not ready
6.- DMA Controller not ready
7.- SPI not ready
8.- SDIO Slave not ready
9.- SD/MMC Host Controller not ready
10.- I2C not ready
11.- I2S not ready
12.- UART Controllers not ready
13.- LED_PWM not ready
14.- Remote Controller Peripheral not ready
15.- MCPWM not ready
16.- PULSE_CNP not ready
17.- 64-bit Timers not ready
18.- Watchdog Timers not ready
19.- eFuse Controller not ready
20.- AES Accelerator not ready
21.- SHA Accelerator not ready
22.- RSA Accelerator not ready
23.- Random Number Generator not ready
24.- Flash Encryption/Decryption not ready
25.- PID/MPU/MMU not ready
26.- PID Controller not ready
27.- On-Chip Sensors and Analog Signal Processing not ready
28.- ULP Co-processor not ready
29.- Low-Power Management not ready

As long as the topics will be completed we would tag them as Ready.
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